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Customers who partner with J.P. Jenks benefit from expert logistics and trucking solutions that increase efficiency, flexibility, and satisfaction. Now more than ever, companies need to seize every opportunity to meet their customers’ expectations while better controlling shipment arrival, inventory, and costs. J.P. Jenks helps you do all that and more!  


Through careful planning, management expertise, specialized equipment, LTL and oversized capacities, and a trusted broker network, we have become one of the top trucking companies in Ohio, providing nationwide hauling and exceptional service that’s second to none.



J.P. Jenks leverages our 35 years of industry experience, extensive transportation fleet, and ever-expanding broker network to provide customized solutions that best suit your operations. Our logistics experts understand the importance of on-time delivery and possess the knowledge, experience, and latest tracking technology to get your freight from point A to point B without hassle.  

It all starts with a dedicated team committed to growing relationships and making your job just a little easier by handling every detail from start to finish. Companies across multiple industries rely on us to improve efficiency and control costs. In addition to careful planning and transparency, we offer: 

  • Specialization in over-dimensional, over-weight, and precast structure hauling 

  • Containerization solutions 

  • Proper documentation, including cross-border freight to Canada 

  • Cargo insurance  

  • Route optimization 

  • Compliance with local, federal, state regulations  



Our best-in-class trucking services include short-haul, long-haul, and intermodal delivery to all destinations in the U.S. and Canada. We are highly proficient at transporting, storing, and distributing all types of goods and offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry.


Extensive fleet equipped to handle all your hauling needs 

We are primarily an asset-based carrier with a premium modern fleet of flatbed trailers, extendable trailers, drop-deck trailers, semi-dump trailers, pneumatic tankers, and other specialized heavy-duty hauling equipment. A comprehensive maintenance program keeps our trucks operating at top performance with minimal downtime. To ensure total reliability, our entire fleet is outfitted with Samsara ELD and GPS technology. This cloud-based integration allows us to centrally manage safety, speed, routes, and compliance while providing real-time visibility into your products’ location at any given moment.

Our typical hauling loads include: 

  • Precast concrete structures 

  • Equipment and machinery 

  • Construction aggregates 

  • Boxed freight 

Safety-focused, experienced driver workforce 

J.P. Jenks takes special pride in employing professional and experienced CDL drivers, all of whom have excellent safety records. They consist of mostly veteran drivers who are highly skilled at operating our unique truck equipment portfolio. Our drivers are why we uphold a satisfactory rating with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) year after year. We also strive to maintain a safe working environment for our drivers and our customers’ job sites.  


Trusted broker network 

For hauls outside a 300-mile radius of our headquarters in Madison, Ohio, we typically rely on our trusted broker network that we built through the years by carefully selecting reputable freight operators that match up to our customers’ hauling needs. This fine network enables us to negotiate the best shipping rates while taking advantage of volume discounts, convenient resources, and flexible services. With truck freight demand on the rise, we are always looking for reliable, on-time brokers to support our long-haul deliveries.

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